Jennifer, Juniper

Film Sure I'm an art house fan, but sometimes you really don't want two hours in a black and white Sweden with an orphan who has a rotten life and kills herself in the end. Sometimes you need to see something in bright colours, with great music, funny script and Jennifer Garner. Yes, 13 Going On 30 has much the same plot as Big with time travel implications and there aren't any particular moments which stick in the brain like the giant piano -- but it really does have something to say about the choice you make in your earlier teens can effect the person you are for the rest of your life. It's the nostalgia which makes the film click -- the longing for the do-over -- to make those choices again if only to make yourself a better person so that the people around you have a better life. Watch out for the reference to Big, and also for the unintentional irony of who's on the cover of the magazine which Garner is editing ...

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