Time, Life

TV Some excellent reviews for last Saturday's Doctor Who. My theories?
Bad Wolf It's The Doctor. Not sure why, or how, but it's something to do with the psychological effects of the Time War. I think the fact that he's hardly been to one for the big heroic gesture at the end of most episodes isn't incidental.
Big Booming Voice In Trailer It's the Dalek from the episode Dalek. It didn't self destruct at the end, it transmatted elsewhere. After absorbing the internet and Rose's dna it worked out a way of plotting the demise of the human race and set about controlling the future over many thousands of years, including the reconstruction of the Dalek race. Now it's the Emporer Dalek and ready to finish the job it started in 2012.
Captain Jack's Two Years of Amnesia Definitely Dalek related. What if he's been following The Doctor around all series creating the Bad Wolf references -- expect retrospective shots from earlier episodes when we realise Jack was there all along.
Cliffhanger ending to the series Apparently its big and shocking and has nothing to do with the regeneration. The Doctor just dies and leaves Rose alone in the TARDIS ... then moments later The Doctor appears through the doors looking like David Tennant and it's as though he's never left ...

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