Spoilers of War

TV Just wanted to warn everyone that there is a shonking great spoiler in the cast list of today's Radio Times. It sort of spoils the surprise of one of the elements of the final episode. That said, now that I know what it is, it is something I'm looking forward to. Also, in case anyone missed it, there was a column by Russell T in yesterday's Guardian, which comes across as a sort of bonus episode of Doctor Who magazine's production notes.
"I never expected any of this to work. I swear, I thought the niche would win. I'd watch rushes of Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper being so very, very excellent, and feel sad that all this hard work would be relegated to a Friday at midnight by week seven. But somehow, it seems to have worked, although you will not find me celebrating until after the last episode - sorry, season finale. And even then, I am not going to think too much about what worked. Beware the analysis. I went into the first series on instinct, and that's how it should stay."
I don't think I could be more excited about Saturday...

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