Dear pretty girl from Liverpool ...

Life This appeared in tonight's Liverpool Echo:

When this was first read out to me, I thought he meant the restaurant on Renshaw Street in Liverpool and then as the message went on obvious it becomes clear he means the real casino in Las Vegas. It's a romantic gesture; he doesn't describe himself much or the object of his affections other than that she's pretty -- it's about how she's made him feel. Like any man in love he remembers the exact time and place that he met her and probably every moment that they spent together. We all have those same conversations locked away ready to drag out when he need a reminder that there may be some hope for us. He's still thinking about her a fortnight later, across the ocean, and doesn't even know her name.

I've tried googling Lewis's name and the only mention I can find is on this page, which lists birth reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal from 1999:
July 28
Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
Teresa and Lewis Marrero, girl
Is this the same Marrero? What's happened in his life between then and now? This is the kind of story for which there is never a follow up. But perhaps if Lewis googles his own name one day and finds this post he could email (or leave a comment here) and let us all know how he got on...

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