Now that's magic

Blog! Magician Paul Daniels has a weblog:
"Since last I wrote I have been out and got new glasses. I just buy the enlarging ones that you get in Boots. Every time I pay a fortune for glasses I sit on them, drop them in the river, or simply lose them. Funny, isn't it? The opticians charge a FORTUNE for two bits of glass or plastic in what looks to me like exactly the same frames, or in my case, no frames at all. Perhaps I should get into that business and start selling Designer No Frames."
Now that's magic .... [Thanks Chris]


  1. Anonymous9:22 pm

    This is extraordinary news. The man is an absolute arse and i have hated him from afar for many years. I look forward to hounding him through his site. Thank you for the information old boy.

  2. Oh good grief.

    By the way have you put your name forward to Metroblogging?

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    WEll, I as thinking that seeing as I'm not going to be in Liverpool for any more than a week then it might not be worth it ... although I'm madly taking pictures of Liverpool before I leave it I'll be concentrating more on Leeds when I move there.

    Not sure what to do really.