Film The documentary, Overnight, tells the story of ex-bar tender Troy Duffy who was infamously given a deal by Harvey Weinstein and Miramax to write and direct his script 'The Boondock Saints' and offering a record deal to his band (then called 'The Brood'). So we find the elation at the both deals and the splintering which occurred between Troy's commitment to the film and his band and his inability to commit to both at the same time. It's difficult to see how we're supposed to feel during the film - without retrospective interviews we're generally left watching Troy meeting famous people and arguing with his band and friends in rooms and bars. He's such an unlovable, unhumble person it's difficult to feel any sympathy for him as success drifts away. At the times when he should be hunkering down and working and making the most of the opportunities he's been given, he's either partying or boasting about how he (I'm paraphrasing) deserves everything that's coming to him. Well he got the last part right. It's a cautionary tale, which at times could be a parody except we know it's entirely, shockingly real.

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