"I am completely at my leisure." -- Mr Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Film There is a certain inevitability to this post. But. I really liked the ending of the new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with Donald Sutherland chuckling away, instead of the expected wedding. I chuckled along with him. Turns out the US release of the film, wierdly just happening now (it's usually the other way around) has a extra eight minutes tacked on the end, which includes that wedding and a typical Hollywood kissing bit. It's a very sad reflection on Working Title and its expectations of how films will work in the US that they've done this -- and it sets a slightly dangerous predicent. Take your pick on the reports available online. UK fans have apparently begun a petition for the scenes to be added to the UK version the DVD. Please god no. At least not without a branching option, so that we purists can stick with the original cut ... [via]


  1. I finally saw this today -- it opened in wide US release yesterday -- and, as prepared as I was to hate every second of it, I actually found myself (ardently admiring and...) loving it. Oh, it was streamlined and the dialogue was tweaked to be more explanatory and obvious, but oof, that ending. No wedding, just a painfully corny bit of unlikely-pajama-clad swan-watching smooching. Actually, it's not so much the kissyfaces that are offensive, it's the icky "Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy..." blibbering that made me cringe. And just when I'd been marveling at how little it had been dumbed-down for Americans! I recommend avoiding the tacky tacked-on bits at all costs.

  2. Thanks for the update. No wedding. Well that's sort of good news. This version of the film's actually going to be getting a limited release over hear now because 'fans' were apparently 'up in arms' because they'd missed something. Surely if they really did admire the film they'd want to see the cut that they fell in love with ...