Noam Chomsky's brain

Journalism No sooner have I been singing the praises of Emma Brockes when some other writer called John Matshikiza from Africa's Mail & Guardian puts the boot in, particularly taking issue with her interview with Noam Chomsky. He seems to have forgotten is that the point of an interview of this kind is to both ask searching questions and give a measure of the person being interviewed; that in the best of these pieces the writer takes a point of view. That said ...

I've taken a glance at the interview again and at the top of the page at Guardian Unlimited there is a new disclaimer:
"On November 2 the Guardian published a letter from Noam Chomsky in which he was strongly critical of the interview below. Subsequently Professor Chomsky complained to the readers' editor about the interview on a number of specific points. The readers' editor has been investigating the complaint and has been in direct correspondence with Professor Chomsky. The readers' editor will publish his findings when the matter is resolved."
In the letter, he communicates that he's not happy with the context within which his responses were reported -- he's happy with the quotes, just not necessarily the order in which they were published. Any subject is open to a right of reply, and it's good that channels are open. I still think it's a good interview. I'll be interested to see what the reader's editor at The Guardian discovers. Although it's wierd that he hasn't taken issue with the photograph. I mean I noticed it.

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  1. Anonymous3:53 am

    I have never read a more morally bankrupt person than Noam Chomsky. Truly, I have never felt more contempt for a man than him. He's a disgrace to the human species.