"You seem jumpy Carter, did you switch from mocha to crack?" -- Dan (In Good Company)

Film Paul Weitz's In Good Company (2004), is a really sweet comedy drama in which Dennis Quade proves yet again that he's the most underrated actor in Hollywood and that Topher Grace has a bright future (in a role which was originally handed to Ashton Kulcher who left after creative differences. I mean seriously). It's the story of a man in his mid-twenties heading through the crisis of a middle aged man, and a middle-age man having to deal yet again with all the things he dealt with in his mid-twenties. It has the feel of a good old fashioned family drama without the noir cinematograpy and angels. Another great performance too from Scarlett Johansson who has seriously taken over the law which used to govern Gwyneth Paltrow that everyone should see all of her films. Even The Perfect Score. Word of warning though -- the soundtrack features the deployment of Peter Gabriel's 'Solsbury Hill' a song entirely ruined by its appearance in the online fake trailer Shining ... you just can't keep a straight face anymore.

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