Blimey! That's Claire Danes on the cover of 'The Guardian'

Film Now that is something for some reason I never thought I'd see. Claire Danes is in the country shopping around Shopgirl and there she is being all blonde on the cover of the paper. For moments the queue to pay in WH Smith I was in heaven. The interview is about what you'd expect:
Her first film jobs after leaving Yale were the quirky Igby Goes Down, The Hours and then, surprisingly, Terminator 3, a movie she agreed to do mainly, she admits, because she was stupefied with jet lag from a recent trip to Australia when she was asked. Her overriding impression of Schwarzenegger was his "ambition". "He doesn't apologise for seeking the things he actively desires which is a virtue, I guess. I'm not like that. I equivocate and self-reflect and, I don't know, interfere with my success." Does she still see him? "Oh God, no."
Do you think if we flew her to Australia and back in a day she might agree to that My So-Called Life reunion? Also, I do wish people would leave Stage Beauty alone. It's a great film.

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