'Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And if you do, take pictures.' -- Al (Quantum Leap)

TV Something which I've been wanting to do since I moved back, oh -- oh so long ago, was to crack open my box of cassettes which have been hidden under the bed gathering dust. I'm going to make shelf room on Sunday but I pulled some out this evening and top of the pile was a compilation I threw together way back when of music from the tv series Quantum Leap recorded directly from video. I haven't heard this thing in about ten years, but I still remember the order that everything appears in and the mess of dialogue which appears overhead.

Trawling the Internet Movie Database to find out who owned a voice I recognised I found this. Without a pro account I couldn't see the details for Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward, but a quick google search and here's an interview from last year with one of the writer/producers. She sounds like the Russell T Davies of Quantum Leap -- especially when it comes to respecting mythology. The basic premise is that Al accompanies Sam's daughter, Sammy Jo as she searches for her father. It's great that they've decided to use an existing character in this way. It seems that they're turning a continuity reference into a mystery:
"S: Well, as I recall, Deborah Pratt, who created Sammy Jo, told me that in the "present day" Sammy Jo would be in her thirties. I really hate to be the one to initiate a debate before this project even gets off the ground, but Leapers are probably bigger sticklers for detail than even Don, who established Sammy Jo's birthdate around March 1967.

Trey: Long Live The Leapers! And while you?re absolutely correct about all the fine print details of the show's timeline, there are really only two ways in which I'm at liberty to respond: 1) Time has a funny way of altering itself -- or better yet, in the QL continuum, of being altered by someone else. So please keep in mind that some objects may eventually appear younger or older in the rearview mirror. ;-) and 2) It was an absolute mandate for everyone involved that the next chapter of Quantum Leap have its characters rooted in present day -- and then limit our leaping to Samantha's lifespan -- at least as long as our audience initially believes her life to be. "
Which opens the possibility that Samantha's own personal timeline can be changed mid-season by something her father does which sounds really exciting. The wikipedia says that a full series is due for broadcast next year and I can't wait. So long as they keep the feel of the old series, even with a slightly younger sensibility I'm happy.

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