Review 2005

Laura Póvoa Tintori

3am. Yes, sounds like the "clise" hour for doing things but since a few days it's the moment when I can get to breathe a little bit. I'm trying to enjoy myself despite the merengue songs the police department near my apartment is playing out loud right now. Caracas has been a chaos as Christmas approaches. Just like any other city this time of the year I guess. I'm used to its traffic jams, subway delays and neverending noises, along with all the unstoppable smog and fast-walking -sometimes incredibly annoying slow walking- people. It all can be a highly effective stimulant as a deeply depressing background.

However, though I do not intend to make a compilation of bizarre events in Caracas or any other city, there is a great feeling going on while stopping to see. And sometimes, just sometimes, it comes to me the clearest view of where I'm standing on: A giant, luminous, envolving and spectacular valley filled with as many houses, buildings, cars, people, lights, trees, highways, and pictures one can think of. I enjoy the beauty of it when it comes to my eyes then to my mind. Of course it's hard to remember that while living the worst part of it: daily routine.

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