About I'm in the mood for posting my weblog. I mean actually posting it. Through the letter box.

What I'm proposing is that if anyone would like to email me their name and address I will write a blog post which only they will read posted directly to them, the main stipulation being that if you have a blog yourself that you post your reaction to the content of the blog entry you've received so that I can link to it, although I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention specifics if it seems a bit personal. If you don't have a blog, email me the entry and I'll post it up here. I'll also hand write the post as well so that its as far offline as possible.

If you want to include a subject for the post or ask a question in the email to start me off, that would be good too. It'll be excellent for me because it means I might be able to write something I'd never put up here; I'll be able to do it away from the computer. And we'll be testing at what point a blog entry becomes a letter. I'll not apologise in advance for the quality of the handwriting or content or how long it takes for you to receive yours.

[, as if you didn't already know]

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