Books "Geoffrey Knoop, Ms. Albert's partner for the last 16 years, said in a telephone interview on Saturday evening that he had seen Ms. Albert write the books of JT Leroy in their San Francisco apartment. He added that for much of the last decade, he had been present when Ms. Albert conducted telephone conversations as JT Leroy with unwitting editors, writers and celebrities, using the voice of a young man with a West Virginia accent. Ms. Albert, 40, is originally from Brooklyn." -- Warren St. John in The New York Times

That's a shame. I've posted on this before, and it certainly looks like Laura Barton deduced much of anything. If you look at that Guardian article now, whole sections of it start to make sense -- such as the fact that Emily said that she and Barton had the same first names and the suspicion that the late night phone call had been the interview. Also the fact than when Barton spoke to JT she simply didn't seem like someone who could write those books. She wasn't. She was someone called Savannah. What isn't explained in the Times article is Carrie Fisher's part in all that and who's been writing those Deadwood episodes ...

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