Going postal

About "I have to say, as personal as a blog can be, it really can't match the personal quality of a hand-written letter. How cool to imagine Stu writing this on the train that he has written so much about. And he has a strange way of forming his t's that threw me for a loop at first but which I found quite charming after awhile. The content was also definitely more personal than what he usually writes about, though unmistakably in the format of one of his blog posts, this one categorized under "Life"." -- Annette

Readers with long memories will remember in February that I volunteered to send a handwritten blog post to anyone who wrote with their address and a topic. I couple of people answered and not too long ago I finally managed to send them out. Annette's received hers and been gracious enough to respond. She's right -- my handwriting is horrifyingly illegible, which comes from spending most of my natural life using a keyboard far more than a pen and paper -- but in my defence as I said in the bit that appears on her site, the rock of the train didn't help. Do look at her response because in its own way it's just a personal as that which I wrote to her and the kind of thing I'd love to put up here if this place wasn't quite so public. The offer is still open to anyone else who'd like something hand crafted posting ...

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