How much just for the salad?

Commerce I'm studying at a library at Liverpool University today, it's lunch time and I'm hungry. I find an eatery. There a salad bar with plastic tubs. There are no prices.
"How much is the salad bar?" I ask the till lady.
"It's quite expensive." She 'answers'.
"Right. So how much is it?"
"Well you weigh the food and then you find out how much it is."
"OK. So do you charge it? By the...."
"The prices are up here." She sighs (by the way), stepping aside to reveal the price list. Which is an A4 laminated sheet stuck to the wall. In light yellow writing I can just about make out that its 50p for two ounces, a pound for more going up to a tenner.
I buy a soup and sandwich instead.

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