Vulcanised steel

Law  I know this isn't totally Doctor Who, well alright not at all, but we are in The Age of Steel so I beg your patience. I'm flicking through the free Metro newspaper on the bus this morning, turn to page four find this photo in connection with the knife amnesty which is being run throughout the country ...

... now I might be a lapsed Star Trek follower, but I know a bat'leth when I see one. Imagine the conversation in said trekkers home...

"Mum. Have you seen my bat'leth? I'm going to the Qi'tomer re-enactment at the weekend."
"Oh that large knife thing? You could have somebody's eye out. I gave it to the police."
"What!?! How will I be able to avenge my comrades in the House of Entwistle now?"

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