Before they were sort of famous #1

Victor Garber from TV's Alias in the film Singles (1992)

Meeting Debbie at the airport in Cameron Crowe's film Singles. Look at that hair. That moustache. That smile. I'll never think of his Alias character Jack, who often has the cold eyes of a killer and is uncannily a smooth operator, the same way again.


  1. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Ah, but that's just evidence of what a cunning bastard Jack Bristow could be when he wanted to.

    He looks all friendly and open, but you can bet that someone in the background of that scene was later found with a broken neck, or having keeled over with a fatal case of 'food poisoning', or some such...

    Me, I still want to know why Jack Bristow sabotaged the Titanic. Who was it that had to go down with that ship, I wonder? [C'mon. You just know that there was a Rambaldi time machine out there somewhere, just waiting to be found by the right people and put to good use.]

  2. Well the Daleks caused the Marie Celeste to sink so there's a lot of naval disasters being created in the timestream.

    I also spotted Mia Maestro playing an art house film director in Mike Figgis' Timecode. She sings!

    There's nothing better than finding an actor you've only recently noticed in a film you've been watching for years but you only now put 2+2 together.