Life Remember that essay I was having all the trouble with at the start of the month? Got the mark back -- 68% -- which goes to show that just like the movies, you can never tell. This plus a really helpful meeting with my dissertation tutor in which I realised that I'm not wasting my time, that what I'm think is valid, and it's been a pretty good day. Now I'm off to watch the England match on video. Which you will know the score for and which I've been taping. So that may become an ironic statement as soon as I click 'post'.

Updated It's 7:30 -- I've been watching the on video for half an hour and my mum who's in Yorkshire calls. I think you tell what's coming next...
Mum: I called you earlier to see what the score was.
Me: I don't know. I'm only about half an hour in on video.
Mum: It was 1-0 ... (and before I can get the receiver away) ... Peter Croach ...
Me: Aaaaaaaah!
Mum: No. No. It wasn't that. It wasn't. But it is worth watching...

Later ... phone rings again.

Mum: I'm sorry about before.
Me: S'alright.
Mum: I'd forgotten about you waiting until you got home.
Me: S'alright. Really. Because it was 2-0! Gerrard!
Mum: Really! I didn't know. No one here knows!

So the match had an extra surprise, even though I knew the score. My theory is that England ropadoped T&T, letting them run themselves down before turning on the pressure in the second half. Not that I know anything about football. When I was describing the second goal to my mum I had to ask what the line across the middle of the pitch is.

Passing through Liverpool City Centre beforehand though, I noticed that the big screen was blank apart from the words -- 'World Cup Matches Will Not Be Shown On The Big Screen'. How embarassing.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 pm

    they've banned it in Liverpool and London because we're all hooligans!