Life Carried on reading for my dissertation today. I'm beginning to see the same names and recognising sections from articles I've already read being criticised which suggests that I must be doing something right. I'm also taking a position on things which is quite exhilirating. The first chapter is taking shape in my head, the structure and some of the turns of phrase. I'm still finding it hard to concentrate however, even though it's a much cooler day today.

I've been picking the World Cup up between the cracks, generally through osmosis. The Italy/Ghana are playing at the moment, so far Italy obviously seem stronger. Coincidentally the last championship was whilst I was commuting to Manchester for work and I remember walking for a quarter hour during my lunch hour so that I could sit in the square in Manchester and watch on the big screen while I eat my Boots meal deal sandwiches -- I can still smell the mayonnaise and chicken on granary bread.

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