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TV Apparently the latest issue of Aerial, the BBC's internal magazine, is reporting the following:

"CBBC is developing a spin-off series from Doctor Who based on the adventures of investigative journalist Sarah Jane, played by Elisabeth Sladen, and to be written by Russell T Davies. Sladen, who originally played the Doctor's assistant in 1973, returned for the last series where she was seen vying with young Rose Tyler for the Doctor's affections". [via]

That'll be the third series going into production at Camelot. Of course, other Sarah Jane Smith adventures are available. Meanwhile Billie Piper spoke to Bill Turnbull this morning on BBC Breakfast. The clip's here. "But, after two years as the Doctor's assistant, Billie felt it was time to do something else."

Wierdly enough I had my first Doctor Who related dream in decades last night. I was an extra on a feature film version being shot in the Trafford Centre in Manchester with our Mr Tennant as the timelord and for some random reason, Katie Holmes as the companion. I don't remember much else, except for dry ice, plenty of explosions and that Anthony Ainley was dangling from a wire from the room, floating about and laughing maniacally.

I've been under a lot of strain lately.

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