"Why you lookin' through the peelhole?"

Music Watch it now before the tabloids misunderstand it on Monday. Britney Spears, very confused and dippy being recorded by her husband. Metafilter seem to be under the impression she's on drugs. I'm not convinced. Just seems to be happy beer madness to me. But there are enough phrases to keep t-shirt and bumper sticker manfucturers very busy indeed ...

"I'm ugly. My jaw hurts."

"That's like a new movie and stuff."

"I feel like I've been missing out on life."

"Life. Like things and things going on."

I too thought she was talking about this and not this. Funnily enough, no one seems to have questioned how it ended up on YouTube. My conspiracy theory is that it's a publicity stunt, a Blair Witch version of this, possibly scripted and that Britney is a far better actress than anyone could possibly imagine. We may never know. [see also]
Update From a comment at Mefi: 'This is (apparently) from the outtakes section of the Chaotic DVD.' Which means people will be paying good money to see this ...

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