Man Not Blog

Commuter Life One side effect of leaving university is a discussion on whether I can still claim to be in the Manchester Blogging Club. I won't be spending most of my time there any more with just the odd trip now and then for The Cornerhouse or the galleries or shopping or whatever. Shame.

Perhaps there are honorary positions ...


  1. That is sad news indeed. I'll still link to you, but not on the manc. blogroll I guess... is there a liverpool blogger club?

    And I know I'm tagged with the magazine meme, will do it this weekend. I wish I had known you were that into Dr. Who, I just flogged all my old comics and back issues of DWM on Ebay, but you could have had them. Ah well...

  2. Ah shucks. I hope you got a good price for them ...

  3. Anonymous4:00 pm

    What's a blogging club ?!

  4. It's something that old school print journalists use when they're sick of hearing about us.

    [I was using shorthand.]