Plumb choice

Music I'm just using Pandora for the first time and it really is uncanny -- enter Alanis Morissette as a variable and I'm yet to hit a track I don't like and discovered Plumb. It's not foolproof though -- I asked for Jewel, it suggested Hilary Duff. Excellent. Anyway for my benefit, here's a list of groups and singers I want to look at again some time ...

Jem (KCRW Sounds Ecclectic 3)
The Bittersweets
Ani DeFranco (The First Album)
Sarah Glynn
Molly Johnson (Another Day)
Donna Lewis
Mirah (La Familia)
Sarah Deleo (The Nearness of You)
The Impossible Shapes
Marilyn Scott (Night Cap)
Susannah McCorkle (Easy To Love: The Songs Of Cole Porter)

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