Life Pottering about. My vaguely casual job ends on Sunday (expect the big reveal next week) but I've irons in the fire (I think -- ooh mysterious). There's been a noticable drop in job adverts in my areas of interest, presumably because people don't want to be going through the recruitment process over Christmas. Looking forward to graduation -- hired my gown and flat hat (my head has a circumference of 24 inches) -- there should be three of us from my course there, which is good news. I'll also be able to get the feedback for my dissertation which I'm surprisingly nervous about. I always seem to focus on the flaws no matter how well I've done or what I've achieved.

I'm catching up on the many hundreds of documentaries and films and documentaries I've recorded in the past few years when I had a life. Watched something I recorded from Channel Four last year some time about female portrait artists, but mostly Frida Kahlo, in which I learnt that she apparently had a perpetual open wound which she would show everyone through her specially designed costumes and had an affair with Trotsky. Ick. Interesting stuff although the presenter thought himself to be a bit post modern announcing the break with things like 'more soon' and 'in a minute we'll talk about this'. Pity his delivery was akin to Tommy Cockles from The Fast Show.

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