Peter Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit

Film "This outcome is not what we anticipated or wanted, but neither do we see any positive value in bitterness and rancor. We now have no choice but to let the idea of a film of The Hobbit go and move forward with other projects." -- Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh

Somehow, I still don't think this is over. But then I didn't think X-Men 3 could be made without Bryan Singer and look what happened there. Inevitable conclusion -- Gandalf will be recast, ILM will do the special effects, it'll be filmed in Iowa and directed by Rob Bowman. Somewhere, Sauron is laughing.

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  1. My only response is a nouveau-Vader-style NOoooooOOoOooOoooooooOOOoooooo. What an absolute pity.