May contain some strong language

TV "Owen is a c**t. There is no other adequate word for this contemptible Eric Cartman oxygen-thief; he's the worst kind of asshole, one who smugly knows full well that he can pull any shit he wants and never has to face the consequences because his MAD DOCTOR SK1LLZ make him supposedly indispensible to the team (such as it is). It's not hard to imagine why he's finished up at Torchwood after being struck off the medical register and even UNIT doesn't want him. Every fuck-up this gash-faced clown ever makes, from copping an illicit feel to leaving the keys in the van, is followed by a look or tone of voice that says "Well? What are you going to do about it?" Never mind his virtual date-rape; if they can't be bothered to ditch an arch-traitor like Ianto, what chance has Owen's sense of decorum got of ever growing up?" -- Dave Sanders on Torchwood

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