I Have The Power!

Film The Masters of the Universe film, yes with Dolph Lundgren, was a homage to the comics of Jack Kirby. Says director Gary Goddard:
"As the director of Masters of the Universe, it was a pleasure to see that someone got it. Your comparison of the film to Kirby's New Gods was not far off. In fact, the storyline was greatly inspired by the classic Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom epics, The New Gods and a bit of Thor thrown in here and there. I intended the film to be a "motion picture comic book," though it was a tough proposition to sell to the studio at the time. "Comics are just for kids," they thought. They would not allow me to hire Jack Kirby who I desperately wanted to be the conceptual artist for the picture?"
This explains, so much. I always had a soft spot for the film, even if none of it made any real sense. I'm tempted to drag out my old VHS of it again tonight...

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