More Poems

Music Wow. I've just found out via herself that one of my long term hopes for stardom, Eva Katzler, has an album coming out soon. Here's what I wrote about her a few years ago:
"Sometimes a voice is so expressive and silencing that words fail. I first heard Eva Katzler on the EP 'Poem' she put out in a very small run through the Virgin Megastore in Liverpool. It's a lullaby for those of us who need to find somewhere to curl up and hide when the world around us is so loud and overbearing -- her vocals wrap themselves around you and for those brief moments, everything is OK."
And I still stand by that. I used to plug her gigs all the time on here. It's lovely and I'm sure the album will be too. Just great news. Incidentally, Eva was kind enough to contribute to Review 2003 way back when.

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