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  • DVD Times - TMNT
    Against the odds, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film in really quite good shock. Really I couldn't be more surprised.
  • Redbook: 6 Common Walking Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
    "Keep your head up with your chin parallel to the ground, and look down when necessary with only your eyes." They mean fitness walking, but still.
  • Mystery Man on Film: Disney’s “Rapunzel”
    Apparently the mousehouse's great return to fairy tales is in trouble because they can't get the scrip in order which is actually pretty heartening since it means that they're not simply happy to make something look lovely if there's nothing beneath.
  • collision detection: Math proves that the Buffy universe harbors no more than 512 vampires
    "Why? Because they'd quickly depopulate the earth."
  • [ Alternate Takes ] Hot Fuzz
    Strong analysis of the film explaining why it should still work in the US despite its parochialism.
  • OFF THE TELLY: Comic Relief Night
    Ian Jones disliked Comic Relief slightly less than I did and gathers his thoughts more clearly than the muddle I got myself into the other night. On reflection, the Elle McPherson joke might have worked if it hadn't been rendered so flatly.
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