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  • Liverpool Echo: Apology to Peter Fincham
    The Echo headlined last night with a story about Lilies being canceled because, according to a memo, it only attracted a "largely older and predominantly working class" audience. Turns out -- there was no memo. Oh dear.
  • MetaFilter: David O. Russell, "collaborator"
    'I Heart Huckabees' isn't an easy film to love and this somewhat explains why. Sometimes electricity between director and actor can create magic. Sometimes, well, not.
  • Film Poster: Away from Her
    Doesn't the poster for Sarah Polley's directorial debut look like Noel Edmonds and a particularly grateful contestant after an episode of 'Deal or No Deal'?
  • Cinematical: Batman Will Absolutely Be In Justice League Film, Source Says
    The only way this whole project would work is with care and if the likes of Nolan and Singer were in at the earliest stages of its development. Quite how Wonder Woman -- whose film will apparently be a period fits is anyone's guess.
  • filmlog: The Forgotten (2004)
    Begins as a subtle study of a mother's grief (Moore is compelling.) then crams a remake of the entire nine year long plot arc of 'The X-Files' into an hour. Perhaps the 'Lost crew' could do this - make an entirely unrelated film to explain everything.
  • filmlog: Shopgirl (2005)
    Claire Danes' luminous performance reignites some of her 'My So-Called Life' magic and Steve Martin presents some his best work in years. It's very close to a work of beauty but ultimately hurt by an unsteady tone and too precious direction.
  • Pink Raygun » Pink Raygun Interviews: Ruby Rocket
    She makes costumes based on pop culture icons. I would particularly draw your attention to the Black Cat.
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