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  • filmlog: Slither (2006)
    By turns hilarious and creepy, this is a pleasure from start to finish, largely due to the hilarious performances from Fillion, Banks and Saulnier. Essays will be written on the phallic imagary and the use of fluids and the beauty and the beast allusion
  • filmlog: Clueless (1995)
    Peerless teen comedy with the sense of irony often missing from the mix. Alicia Silverstone is just adorable and it's a shame that her career crashed and burned with such velocity afterwards, she should and could have been a major star.
  • Natural History Museum: Weirdest creatures in the Museum
    Yet, still guaranteed to make you go 'Aaaaah....'
  • Guardian Unlimited Arts blog film: Woody's reign in Spain
    Mr Allen can't really win. People complain that his New York films have become stale so he goes abroad and tries that and now they're saying he should stick to what he knows.
  • Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - TV & radio: No second helpings for Series X
    Series X being 'Lillies'. Was it any good?
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