Inner Circle

I spent the afternoon today in Manchester meeting Damon from Behind The Sofa. As a veteran of meeting online people offline I was of course not nervous at all (hmm, right) but it was really fun putting a face to the name and in this case a face to the voice (as heard in the Tachyon TV podcasts). We sat on the neutral ground of a table at Starbucks and I drank far too much coffee.

Oddly enough it was the first time I'd met another real Doctor Who fan in the real world, which startled him somewhat. I also clocked a look of concern when I said I'd never been to a convention, but I compared it to when I began blogging in 2001 and the fact that I didn't know anyone who knew what they were, let alone who had one.

It's not quite the same, but just as when I met Suw in Birmingham when I could suddenly talked in a relaxed way about things like flickr and whatnot and have it make sense, it was a change here to be able make references to the show which could be understood and to be talking about people within Who's inner circle (!) and have the person I was talking to know who they were.

Like the internet, Who fandom has its 'A-List' I guess, famous within our own particular subculture.

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