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  • County Bid To Shelve Term Librarian (from Basingstoke Gazette)
    In a bid to deprofessionalise librarianship, the council plan to make anyone who doesn't volunteer for redundancy apply for posts renamed "service development officers'. Utter nonsense.
  • The Standards Site: The Globe’s 2007 production of Much Ado About Nothing
    Free Shakespeare. You can imagine my rapture.
  • Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness: Primeval
    Mr Cornell will be writing the penultimate episode of the next series. Considering the wonders he did for 'Robin Hood' I can't wait.
  • filmlog: Jarhead (2005)
    Mendes effectively remakes 'Full Metal Jacket' within Desert Storm and somehow manages to turn a lack of fighting into a compelling narrative, helped enormously by some compelling photography by Roger Deakins of 'Kundun' fame.
  • filmlog: The Two Jakes (1990)
    Obviously not as good as 'Chinatown' but still a pretty compelling sequel even if the twists can be seen a mile off this time. Jack's well, JACK but I don't think I've seen a better performance from Madeleine Stowe. What's she up to lately anyway? TV?
  • filmlog: The Public Enemy (1931)
    Though initially creeky, quickly entertains because of the intensity of Cagney's mannered performance and spotting moments which have inspired later films -- the march through torrential rain is amazing. Ending's a hilarious flub though.

  • [Incidentally, I went to see a production of Hamlet tonight. Live. In a theatre. Expect a review soon!]

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