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  • Carla Bruni: 'No Promises'
    Along with the disappointing All Saints album, this is something I never thought I'd see -- it's only taken five years. Carla puts a range of British poetry to music. The Observer loves it, which is why I've put it on my wishlist. Hint and indeed hint.
  • Carla Bruni: Quelqu'un m'a dit: Music
    The best album you've never heard, Bruni's debut towers over the likes of Melua and Stone and perhaps stands with Jones and Peyroux as my calm album of choice. Everyone I've spoken to in continental Europe seems to have a copy.
  • Digi-Cream Times: The Dimbleby Dozen
    Ian Jones surveys some classic moments from previous elections: 'In case you missed it, Labour won.'
  • Spiderman The Musical
    Not an April Fool. To be directed by Julie Taymor and here's the casting sheet. In two minds as to whether I like the geek chorus idea. Done badly it could turn into a rerun of a hundred poor amateur productions of 'Rent' or 'Hair'.
  • imdb: As You Like It (2006)
    Branagh's latest Shakespeare adaptation has a release date. It's 21 September 2007. Which is somewhat in the future. But hey, dvd release in time for Christmas. Probably.
  • Observations on film art and FILM ART : But what kind of art?
    Actually I think that film could and should be listed as 'all of the above' including 'emotional art' which is why I love it so. As a side note, it really is a shame that the Bordwells don't allow comments on their blog. I'd love to see the discussions that would spring up by the growing readership. Like the online version of a film seminar.
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