"It's true that the plot is almost ludicrously stupid."

TV Never mind here, the reaction on the blogosphere to the latest Dalek two-parter can be described as mixed. A perfect example comes from Stuart Douglas:

"The Dalek two-parter is rotten. The acting is frequently sub-standard (the girl playing Tallulah escapes some criticism purely because she was surely told to play the part as an exaggerated carciature - 'top of the woild' and all that). The direction is dreadful (the choreography of Martha's dash across stage, the way that Lazlo is quite clearly the mysterious shadowy pigman but Tallulah can't spot it). The writing is amongst the worst in all of Doctor Who ('Urge...to...kill...too...strong' may be the worst line in the series ever). The design is abominable (why does the Dalek Human hybrid look like Scaroth wearing a penis wig?)."

I can't help but agree about some of the choreography of the action which really needed a Graham Harper to work -- that dash across the stage really worried me at the time -- not in a wake up in a cold sweat way, more in a 'That doesn't seem very good -- oh well' format. But perhaps, given that this is the same franchise that brought us The Underwater Menace and episode two of The Space Museum (yawn) we can forgive it for anything.

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