42 is 7 days later

TV It had to happen eventually. The official website has announced that the show's going to be pre-empted for a week to make way for the Eurovision Song Contest, or actually all of the other live(ish) studio audience shows that fill the Saturday night schedule when Doctor Who's not on and apparently definitely need to be broadcast instead.

Amusingly, the website has dropped a link to the feedback form at the BBC and inevitably their inbox is bound to be filled with annoyed emails from fans gainfully fulfilling the stereotype, probably with the words 'flagship' 'popular' 'top rated' and 'license fee' in them somewhere, as though the BBC are going to change their schedule based on that. Seriously, the lady is not for turning if there's europop to be broadcast.

On the upside it means the show isn't going to be on at some preposterously early hour which as we've seen ratings wise isn't a great idea. On the downside it also means that the series is going to pushed even further into the summer which as we've seen ratings wise isn't a great idea. Although actually it'll be good to have a break for reasons that will be apparent to anyone who's read my review of Saturday's episode.

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