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  • Observations on film art and FILM ART : Film forgery
    David Bordwell discusses whether a film could be plagarised with reference to a Peter Jackson movie I wasn't aware of called 'Forgotten Silver' in which he faked the existence of a turn of the century filmmaker from New Zealand.
  • filmlog: D.O.A. (1988)
    Neo-noir that can't quite break away from a crushing eighties idiom that makes everything seem horribly dated and that includes a soundtrack that oscillates between to cool thriller rhythms and someone trying to break out a guitar factory.
  • Amazon Bookstore's Blog: Boys, Be Dangerous: Questions for Conn Iggulden
    Cool interview at Amazon's new blog with the authors of 'The Dangerous Book for Boys' on what could be considered a particular British book for the American market, including new material and losing apparent irrelevancies.
  • Antarctic conservation blog: Conserving Bovril
    The continuing job of preserving Scott's provisions continues.
  • Wikipedia: Silver Shadow (song)
    It's the first single by the All Saints in which someone called Simone Rainford had lead and Mel and Shaznay on backing vocals. Looking at the single cover is like watching the Buffy pilot with wrong Willow. Oh - and this was 12 years ago!?!
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