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  • filmlog: White Noise (2005)
    Eye searing bad film that actually gave me indigestion. Director Sax tries his best with the material, but the pacing is horrifyingly slow and the script perfunctory relying on predictable shocks. Has the ring of a failed television pilot script.
  • filmlog: Whale Rider (2002)
    Has the ring of John Sayles in a 'Roan Inish' mood. Carefully discusses the importance of respecting traditions whilst at the same time modifying them to take into account whatever hiccups might occur. Absolutely charming.
  • filmlog: The Consequences of Love (2004)
    Whilst sometimes the style gets in the way of substance in general this is an engrossing tale beautifully inscribed. Expect a US remake some time in the near future with a clearer structure and Stanley Tucci in the title role.
  • filmlog: Batman Begins (2005)
    Nolan and Smith use an interesting editing style that almost fragments some scenes to their bare bones, just slightly outside what could be considered 'continuity' which means that an awful lot happens within the running time.
  • filmlog: Moog (2004)
    Less comprehensive than it could be (whither The BBC Radiophonic Workshop?) and chronologically random this is never less than interesting, helped by some wonderful interview. The Rick Wakeman section at least makes it worth watching.
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