"The one piece of advice that someone told me and I’ve found invaluable is to always carry a notebook around with you."

Books SFX Magazine interviews Big Finish Short Trips editors Ian Farrington and Joseph Lidster:

"You’d be amazed how many pitches we get that involve Doctor Who ‘continuity’ – it’s an assumption I can understand, but it’s not really what we’re after. The writers who leap out and get noticed are the ones who bring their own ideas to the table, not a sequel to someone else’s story. So, try to do something different. But, contradictorily perhaps, I’d say be aware of conventions and rules. If you want to write for a particular range or editor, then read what they’ve done before and pay attention to what sort of stories they do. For example, if you want to write a story for Doctor Who – which is essentially a family franchise – then it’s probably best not to think about a story that involves sex, swearing and violence."

Interestingly in answering the question about who's written for the range, although they unforgivable omit the work of Mr. Perryman, they mention Gary Russell in the same breath as a range of other new series writers. Gary's been doing some script editing for them but does this mean he's also finally getting to write his own television episode in series four?

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