Did The White House read this blog?

Politics I suspect not. But. Last week, I registered my disdain at Bush's remarks about the settlement at Georgetown during that infamous speech next to the Queen and the lack of a mention for certain events in US history. Today President Bush was at a ceremony to commemorate the landing and said:
"Not all people shared in these blessings. The expansion of Jamestown came at a terrible cost to the native tribes of the region, who lost their lands and their way of life. And for many Africans, the journey to Virginia represented the beginnings of a life of hard labor and bondage. Their story is a part of the story of Jamestown. It reminds us that the work of American democracy is to constantly renew and to extend the blessings of liberty."
Which still seems a bit contradictory but at least it's not the complete white house wash we heard last week.

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