Still bookcrossing after all these years...

Books A few years ago I had a life laundry -- I was moving house and I didn't want to have to move quite so much of it. Many of the books went to charity shops but some I bookcrossed, an obsession which developed over many lunchtimes and daytrips as I spread my ex-library across the land. On the blog I'd mention when a book had been picked up or indeed when I'd actually given a book to someone on the bus.

Imagine my surprise today then when I received an email explaining that someone had found a book that I'd left at STA Travel on Bold Street in Liverpool nearly four years ago:
"haven't read it, found under the travel brochure shelf - covered in dust! Gave it to a mate who's off on one!"
I think they must mean a holiday. I've passed that travel agents hundreds of times in the past four years and it's just amazing to think that my old book was sitting were I left it all this time. Perhaps all of these other books really are all still out there somewhere, waiting to be found.

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  1. Thats amazing that one was found after four years.