'Look, it's God.'

Life You might remember my awestruck visit to Liverpool Cathedral a couple of weeks ago. I was back again today for the fifth of the lunchtime lectures; this time historian Peter Kennerley talked about the place from the perspective of the Deans and Bishops and worshipers and the breath of life that infuses the space.

Imagine my surprise when his opening ice breaker was something like: 'I've found myself talking in the Cathedral on a great number of occasions. I remember seventeen years ago when fifteen hundred Liverpool school children had piled in to sing for the Queen and I was roped in to keep them entertained. As I walked before them, a boy from the lower sixth of the Blue Coat School said: 'Look, it's God.'

I was at that concert. I remember that actually happening. Small world. I approached him afterwards and told him and he named the boy and mentioned that actually his granddaughter was in the choir too -- and when the boy said that, someone else said, 'No he isn't -- he's Rachel's granddad.'

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