Life As you can see from the length and partial coherance of the previous post, I've managed to work out how to get my good keyboard to work with the laptop so now I've got a perfectly fine, if sometimes chuggy stop gap. Also I think I've caught a cold -- itchy eyes, blocked nose etc. But it could just be a lack of sleep. It's warmer than it would appear and I'm not sleeping properly.

I see that Big Brother is eminantly missable again this year. Apparently a single bloke (who I imagine will be nice but dim and loaded) is entering on Friday and having lived with four women in my second year at university I have to warn him that you might imagine that situation will be -- exciting -- but the reality is a nightmare.

Certainly it depends on the people, but he's essentially going to be locked in a house with the reincarnated spirits of Daphne & Celeste, trainee WAGs, his headmistress from primary school and her secretary and a girl who thinks that indie is the new thing. Actually she seems very nice indeed. They're going to eat him alive -- oh the arguments and jealously that'll ensue.

But is this really the best the beleaguered production team can do -- more transparent attempts at creating the inevitable bust up? Some bookies are offering odds of 50-1 that the show will be shut down before the end and I think it could go either way. With rumours of police on standby and watchdogs waiting for any kind of off colour remark tensitivity will be at a max -- do they really want to risk it in the atmosphere of an audience that are tuning in now actually to see it all go horribly wrong? have the usual special page should you want to read about Lesley complaining to the press complaints commission about a story in Hello magazine about Kate Winslet and read Chanelle's inevitable myspace page. "Yes, I got into Big Brother!!!" she says on a page that was last logged into today -- after she entered the house. I suspect someone else is keeping it together. Remember when the show featured ordinary members of the public?

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