"Well, I don't really watch television in France."

TV The new issue of one of my other haunts, Off The Telly, features this wonderful interview with Tom Baker:

"The thing about fandom, especially fandom on a long-running series, they actually believe - rather like we believe - in the resurrection of the dead. We're all fans of someone. So if I see three famous old cricket players or three people from the World Cup of 1966, I don't think to myself, "He's gone bald, or he's got no teeth, or he's limping". When I see the three of them there, the power of nostalgia is all to do with when you were young and able to do things you can no longer do, I think. And that's why it's translated there, to when you were young and they were tigers, you know. Fans don't say, "God he's so old now". So when I go occasionally to a memorabilia thing, it doesn't matter that I'm next to Nicholas Courtney or another old Doctor Who - whatever it is. They don't care. Fan love, in that sense, is superior to human love. It's very sweet."

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