Wing and a prayer

Life Tonight I greet you on a wing and a prayer. Last night my desktop pc died -- well not so much died as windows 98 rendered itself inaccessible and the poor things so old it won't simply let me reinstall the operating system so I suspect that any operating system would be out of the question. I need a totally new machine and as it stands, that too is out of the question.

Luckily I still had that laptop I was handed down at Christmas and even more luckily it has a modem built in and somehow I've contrived to get it to work -- and work out how to plug the machine into my main monitor. So here I am online, able to check emails, write my blog and do some minimal surfing.

The machine is sloooow. It doesn't like Firefox very much and I can almost hear the poor thing straining away as it attempts to draw some some things on screen. Plus the keyboard has a slightly annoying layout in which the home key is right next to the delete key so I'm forever finding myself in the middle of a previous paragraph as I type. But like nature's random approach to the weather we're all experiencing at the moment, I'll get used to it.

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