Not one of us.

Music Kevin fights the good fight:
"Now, while it’s a common (albeit puzzling) mistake for people to associate that song with Alanis, anybody who’s been paying attention to music over the last decade knows that it’s Joan Osborne who sings “One of Us”, not Alanis Morissette. So since I’m helping, friendly guy, and since I have a passing familiarity with both Alanis and “Dogma”, I drop the author of the review - a one Anita Modak-Truran - the following email…"
I've had similar 'conversations' in the past via email where the person I'm correcting simply won't concede the point in the face of overwhelming evidence and it's even more excruciating when it's a subject you know something about. In this case, given that Smith knows Alanis Morissette, what are the chances she'll here about this and come out with a 'My Humps' style cover version just to confuse things even more.

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