Not so cool, world.

Film Another in Nathan Rabin's magestic 'My Year of Flop Case Files', this time investigating the sorry tale of Ralph Bakshi's Cool World, the one with the animated Kim Basinger:
"Accordingly, the film’s producer Frank Mancusco Jr., had the film rewritten without, um, telling Bakshi. Mancusco Jr., it seems, having produced the timeless gift to cinema that is the Friday The 13th series, was burnt out on horror and seemed to linger under the misconception that it was Bakshi’s job to help realize Frank Mancusco’s vision, not the other way around.


Bakshi was so enraged, he punched Mancuso in the face during a dust-up, but in one of those dark little twists that characterize Bakshi’s surreal career, Mancuso Sr. was president of Paramount, so he had nowhere else to go."
That's the juice for a Bad and the Beautiful-style modern revenge tale right there.

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