Lying naked on the floor.

Music By my calculations, tonight's Prom 36 marks the half way point for my prom marathon (for want of a better description). Since I'm the kind of person who never sticks to anything like this it is something of a personal achievement. Highlights so far this week have included Renée Fleming's appearance in Prom 32 -- if I didn't take a shine to Berg's 'Seven Early Songs', the two Korngolds were just angelic - particularly since the translation from the second piece, 'Ich ging zu ihm' from Das Wunder der Heliane sounded like an opera version of Natalie Imbruglia's song Torn. If I could find a translation online I'd prove it to you.

Elsewhere, the stonking (is that the right word?) Prom 34 (given by the Bach Collegium from Japan) confirmed that I'm developing a soft spot for Bach and I went right out to the library today and borrowed his Mass In B Minor. Although these pieces were created as part of an act of worship, like the architecture in churches I can appreciate them as artistic endevour as well. As I lay in bed with the lights out with the sound of voices enveloping my ears, my imagination didn't just transported to the Royal Albert Hall but to the past as well, wondering what it must have been like to hear these works for the first time.

Despite all of that, last night Prom 35, with all that jazz was a welcome change. And how surprising to hear that Duke Ellington was inspired by Shakespeare and was able to bend the bards intent around the band sound. Nothing from Hamlet but it really was fun hearing Cleo Lane singing Sonnet 18 ('Shall I compare thee to a summers day?') which seems to be one of the ultimate cover versions and almost as eclectic as the Reggie renditions of The Beatles I heard once. Lane and her husband John Dankworth were a really entertaining double act too -- it makes a change to hear the people behind the music and a concert were applause and cheering and laughter were positively encouraged.

Here's to the next 36!

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How long can you keep it up ?