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Film Posters for Bratz: The Movie have been popping up all over town, four fresh young female yet slightly anonymous faces, apparently an experiment based on the the splicing the DNA of Daphne & Celeste and the twins from Big Brother grinning from bus shelters and billboards, it's pink border reducing visibility in the space surrounding them.

I've never been one to judge a film by its poster though so I wondered if actually it still had the potential for being a hidden gem in the order of Josie and the Pussycats which had a dreadful poster. Then I read Scott's review at Cinematical:
"To the point: This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I'll go as far as to call it one of the worst movies anyone's ever seen. Bratz is one the worst movies a stillborn chicken in Peru has ever seen. All those adjectives the movie critics love to throw around in an effort to make one simple point ("stay away!") are applicable here: Bratz is grating, puerile, limp and lethargic. Flat, listless, amateurish and ten flavors of horrifically inept. It's shallow and formless, confused and obtuse. Pitiful, execrable, wretched, abysmal ... man, adjectives are great. This flimsy excuse for entertainment is so plainly worthless that the only thing a halfway-intelligent ape could possibly think as it unspools is ... dang, people really will do anything for money. Movies based on toys are nothing new. Movies based on toys are also nothing good."
Features Jon Voight who really doesn't seem to care about his 'art' anymore. Shame.

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